The Quiet Revolution

Andrew Binstock over at Dr. Dobb's recently described a "revolution" in programming - specifically a revolution that is requiring significant changes to the way programmers work. Briefly stated, it is becoming much more common for programmers to work in multiple languages.

...during the last 24 months, the sheer volume of change in the computing paradigm has been so great that programming has felt its imprint right away. Multiple programming paradigms are changing simultaneously: the ubiquity of mobile apps; the enormous rise of HTML and JavaScript front-ends; and the advent of big data.

As expected, the increasing popularity of JavaScript has promoted this shift for quite awhile. But the availability of JVM languages is called out as well.

In Java, the proliferation of JSR-223 scripting engines that are callable from within Java applications foreshadows more of this activity on servers and desktops.

This confirms what has been seeing elsewhere (and what I have experienced myself). There is a growing need to be conversant in multiple programming languages and there are tremendous opportunities for those who are willing to expand their skills to embrace additional languages.

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